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What is HOPE Cardgame?

HOPE Cardgame, Heroes of Post-apocalyptic Earth, is strategical card and board game for two or four players designed by company HOPE Studio.

Enter the world ruined by World War III and enjoy atmosphere full of conquests, battles, strategy and especially hope - HOPE for occupation of last sources needed for survival!

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Why play HOPE Cardgame?

HOPE Cardgame enables easy way to play the game for begginers and experienced players of all ages. HOPE Cardgame gives unlimited fun and replayability thanks to game variants, varied cards and different styles of playing particular races.

All fans of post-apo will be excited from beautiful thematic illustrations and experienced players will appraise the top quality components included in the game. All players will enjoy building their own deck, where they can include their favourite cards to fit their prefered tactics.

Building own decks is supported by regular expansions called "Survival Packs", which contibute to variety of the game. HOPE Cardgame is Survival Card Game, where the players aren't limited by restricted choosing of cards.

Enter the post-apocalyptic world!

Fight as a leader of mutants and infect surroundings with radioactivity, or stand side by side with scary aliens, who deserve for blood and fast occupation of enemy territory. Bots with dynamic artficial intelligence, devastating weapons and high stamina are threat for their enemies. And humans? Will You help them to manage to survive another scary night in their shelter?

Gain sources by winning combats with enemy uits or by control on the battleground and take domination over devastated world. Battle of live and death is just the beggining!

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