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Enter the World of Apocalypse Order the game

Package Contents

The core game contains everything needed for playing of 2 or 4 players.

Playing Cards

144 playing cards are divided into four unique decks according to individual races: Aliens, Bots, Humans and Mutants.

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Game Board

All important actions take place on the game board - playing units, unit movement, location explore, all combats and evaluation of dominance between players.

Source Tokens

Source tokens show the number of sources for each player on the source indicator. 1 represents the first player, 2 represents the second player.

Target Tokens

Target tokens 1, 2 and 3 are used to indicate units or locations, which are currently selected as attack targets during the Battle phase.

Blood Glass Counters

20 Blood glass counters serve as indicators for wounded or exerted units.

Artifact Tokens

20 Artifact tokens are used in the custom game, which is further specified at the end of these rules. Artifact tokens give special abilities to units which carry them and alternate their strength in the game.

Survival Coin

The Survival coin determines which player goes first and second at the start of the game. The player who has the Survival Coin starts all the phases in current round. At the end of each round player passes the Survival Coin to his opponent.

Reference Cards

Reference Cards (one in each deck) help new players to remember the order of phases in each round.


You can take a closer look on all components also in the section Videos.