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- Full Moon
New expansion for HOPE Cardgame.
21.6.2019 - Testing online HOPE cardgame
Join us to test our online game and get unique gaming content for yourself.
27th July 2017 - Looking back at the Gamecon festival 2017
At the end of July, Gamecon has traditionally been held in Pardubice. This year's 23rd year was also associated with the Parcon Festival, and entertainment was found here for everyone regardless of age.
29th June 2017 - Looking back at the Junktown Festival 2017
Dirtier, rustier, bigger, more cruel and more thematic. We came back from the post-apocalyptic festival Junktown and... we survived! 4 days we will never forget.
2nd June 2017 - Looking back at the HOPEcon Festival 2017
Our first festival is over. But we still have feelings, impressions and... satisfaction! Come with us to remember three days full of fun in the following report.
1st May 2017 - Looking back at the BOoK con Festival 2017
Two weeks ago, we participated at a friendly game weekend festival in Dobris City Library, because we have been cooperating with them for some time. Read more!
15th April 2017 - Postapo competition with TVGURU.cz!
Win the HOPE Cardgame and other attractive prizes in the competition of our partner TVGURU.cz. Just answer three simple questions! Are you ready? Good luck!
12th April 2017 - New expansion for HOPE Cardgame coming soon!
It is some time since we introduced the first expansion of cards for HOPE Cardgame, called Broken World. Now is time for the influx of new heroes and abilities!
3rd April 2017 - Interview with Michal Suchanek in magazine MFantasy!
After some time, there is again an article about HOPE Cardgame, post-apocalyptic game from Michal Suchanek. And who else would tell about it than the author himself!
27th February 2017 - Looking back at the Day of board games
We are behind Friday Day of board games, the part of Spring holidays in the North Bohemian Museum. How did it go? And what will be the next event? Read more!
14th February 2017 - Heroes fought their way into the magazine ABC!
ABC Magazine is an icon of the Czech press for decades, which keeps pace with the times, for e.g. thanks to section “Card games”. There you can see the HOPE Cardgame!
23rd January 2017 - Looking back at the Zimní Deskování Festival 2017
In January, we attended the first festival this year and actually the first festival in the Deskování series ever – Zimní Deskování in tearoom Mystica Brno!
23rd December 2016 - Write a review and get a poster
Have you got the HOPE Cardgame and want to share your gaming experience with others? Write a short review and get a large poster with your favourite hero!
12th December 2016 - HOPE Cardgame in your language?!
Do you prefer games in your own language? Help us to translate all playing cards in HOPE Cardgame and we will create language labels in you language!
24th November 2016 - Looking back at the Brnohraní Festival 2016
1250 players have met for three days in the Moravian metropolis to enjoy a lot of fun, competitions, prototype testing and other activities at the festival Brnohraní!
14th October 2016 - Looking back at the Goliath and David Festival 2016
A year has passed and we went to Staňkov again, where the gaming community met each other for the eleventh time and spent a weekend full of fun with friends.
31st October 2016 - Looking back at the Deskohraní Festival 2016
Every year the Tyrš house in Prague becomes the venue for two weeks playing of card and board games and many tournaments. HOPE Studio appeared here for the second time!
17th October 2016 - Looking back at the Spiel Festival 2016
Along with 160,000 other players, we visited the largest festival of board games in the world - the German Spiel Essen 2016 and showed to the world our games from the HOPE Cardgame family!
26th September 2016 - Looking back at the ŽižCon Festival 2016
We are back from the ŽižCon festival 2016, which held unconventionally in the Hussite church. We gained a lot of experiences and impressions from meetings with our gaming community.
19th September 2016 - Looking back at the Deskofobie LIVE Festival 2016
Action Deskofobie LIVE 2016 is behind us, the festival full of interesting meetings with players, publishers, game developers and stores. Festival full of lectures, tournaments and unlimited fun!
30th May 2016 - MDD 2016 – we think about children!
As part of International Children's Day, we had decided to hold the event at a discount HOPE Cardgame game. Get a CZK 200 to purchase and give joy to your neighborhood! More in the article.
27th May 2016 - Mobile app for Android
We are preparing mobile app for Android devices, which helps new users to understand the game. It is also useful guide for every situation - it helps you anywhere and anytime.
27th May 2016 - HOPE Mau Mau, why not?!
The classic game in a new dimension! We decided is that traditional cards raining we blessed with a bit of post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the game HOPE Cardgame.