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Mobile Application

Modern age calls for modern technologies and even board games can find a connection with the digital world. Our first release is a guide that helps users of smart phones and tablets with the beginning of HOPE Cardgame.

HOPE Cardgame Guide

HOPE Cardgame Guide takes you through the game story, all the races and also shows you the contents of the game. The most important part represents complete game rules, organized into individual chapters. There is also a list of all playing cards, including filter, intuitive browsing and descriptions. Frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ section and you can use all links to social networks or websites to join us. The applications can also select the first player and monitor each game round.

The orientation in application is simple and you can use the search function across all sections. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, you can find information you need to know. In English, for free, and always with you!

Download for Android below. iOS version will be available soon.