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HOPE Mau Mau

Mau Mau may not be a clichéd classic!

Mau Mau cards (similar game like UNO) were, are and will be in the future a popular and simple card game for all players and opportunities. One head, two-headed, traditional and modern, so why not... a post-apocalyptic?!

Experience the incredible atmosphere when playing HOPE Mau Mau which contains 32 one head cards in design of board and card game HOPE Cardgame, and enter the world of alien, bots, humans and mutants, where sevens are valuable!

Time-honored logic has not changed, but all symbols are replaced with original icons of all races. The quality of cards and unlimited fun is guaranteed.

HOPE Mau Mau is available in HOPE Studio e-shop for a special price.

Mau Mau