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Broken World

Battles for control of sources does not end and in fights involve new units. Each of them is unique and tells its own story. Who will be your new hero, and on which side you will decide to stand?

Broken World is the first and, moreover, the annual expansion of HOPE Cardgame which brings 20 entirely new cards. You can add them into other decks of core set and give the game a whole new dimension!

The nights are much darker, evil and panic still grows. Humans are dying in fights and lack of food is rising. The main base called Alpha is more frequently attacked by Aliens and new kind of danger is getting to the Earth surface – Repulsive Intuder disposing by deadly force.

It’s necessary to look for supplies far from the base, which is used by Hjukka the Thug. She distributes supplies among the poor, afterwards they are extorted by her cutthroats. Whether soldiers like it or not, they pretend not to see anything, because they don’t want to have any problem.

Bots are planning to infiltrate human community. They created a special camouflage bot and sent him as special agent. Wiggles uses special technology that helps him to disguise into form unrecognizable from humans and becomes a big threat for them.

Mutants are evolving to higher stages too quickly. The king Rhagar has created a serum of reincarnation of his servants and first, who has tried the possibility of restoration is Infermus Vermus. The threat is everywhere. How will end this battle for controlling of remaining sources on The Earth?

Broken World

Expansion Contents


2x Hjukka The Thug
2x Infermus Vermus
2x Repulsive Intruder
2x Wiggles


2x Prison
2x Utility Vault


2x Deadly Shot
2x Decompose
2x Reinforcements
2x Revive

Broken World Expansion can be purchased in HOPE Studio e-shop.

Hidden Threat

Year 2070 is long behind us, and there is still raging a war between all four fractions. Each race sends its unique hero in combats with hope to bring them the desired victory. But sources are still decreasing...

Hidden Threat is the second expansion of HOPE Cardgame. In the stylish box you will find 20 new cards. You can look forward to new heroes and unique abilities of events. Surprise your opponent!

The radioactivity slowly subsides. Resources wane in underground shelters. The panic is beginning to spread. People can’t survive without so much needed food and water. Two Human heroes were sent to the surface – Storm riders. They are breaking through the sandstorm and they are looking for necessary supplies.

Bots are preparing for a massive attack. Their factories operate 24/7. Production Bot has been deployed to increase the production of new machines. With its help Bots are able to increase production to double. Will it be enough reverse the war on their side?

Up to now, unorganized groups of Mutants are beginning to unite. The king Rhagar The Vengeful sent a messenger to spread the idea of their unity. Mutant Disseminator conscientiously approaches to this mission and moves the whole race to next level.

Aliens are considering of using their secret weapon – dreaded Alien Brooder is released from his prison which is located in the deepest darkness of the planet. It’s only a matter of time when it gets to the surface and starts to rage.

The war is not over yet, it just begins…


Hidden Threat


2× Alien Brooder
2× Mutant Disseminator
2× Production Bot
2× Storm Riders


2× Backstab
2× Bandages
2× Earthquake
2× From The Grave

2× Strength From Evil
2× The Plan Is Set


Hidden Threat Expansion can be purchased in HOPE Studio e-shop.