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Come with us to spread the radiation! This is our new motto with which we would like to address all HOPE Cardgame enthusiasts. Come with us, but also with other players, share your gaming experience. For each review you can get a large poster of your favorite hero to every order you make in our online store.

You can use these servers:

☢ Boardgamegeek - the largest database of card and board games in the world, community and all aspects of board games.

☢ Facebook Profile - HOPE Cardgame profile on social network Facebook, where you get the latest information about this game.

If you choose to make a review on Facebook, write a text on the wall and attach at least one photo from gaming of HOPE Cardgame.


After writing a review, let us know, we need to verify you. You can contact us via the contact form or e-mail and choose one of the following ten posters that we will add to your order:

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Action is valid until the end of January 2017, and we reserve the right to terminate it prematurely.