Unique Card Game HOPE Cardgame

Enter the World of Apocalypse Order the game

HOPE Mau Mau, why not?!

Mau Mau cards were, are and will be in the future a popular and easy game play for players of all ages and for any occasion. One head, two-headed, traditional and modern, post-apocalyptic why not ?! With a certain nostalgia for infancy, when we played the right card players with their grandfathers and say that the classical form Raining gone forever. And so it is time to take a perfect illustration of the game HOPE Cardgame and otherwise - (un) usual!

We are working to complete a series of 32 cards jednohlavých purposefully set in four races survivors after World War II - hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs will replace the Alien bots, humans and mutants. Importance cards remain, but we symbolism nicely on their own, icons races! HOPE Raining becomes a complement to our upcoming games and that we are serious about the whole concept and tighten it to the end you can see the July festival GameCon where we play symbolically a few packages in the reported midnight tournament. Sign up!