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MDD 2016 – we think about children!

Do you have a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, friend or friend? So read on! For International Children's Day, which is celebrated annually on June 1, we have prepared an action CZK 200 discount on the purchase games HOPE Cardgame, which is valid from Monday 30 May to Friday midnight on June 3. This will give you a unique card-board game from Czech authors for the price of CZK 799!

What you need to do to use discount? It's easy, just visit our newly launched online store Studio HOPE, HOPE Cardgame embed the game into your cart and click on subscribe. In step 01, enter a code coupons "dendeti2016" and click OK. Further, just register, or use the quick order, select delivery address, postal and payment terms, and wait for delivery. Then you can enjoy the joy he conjure up on the face of the recipient! :-)

As a bonus, you can download and print a gift certificate for the recipient. 

This discount is available only to the Czech Republic.

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Photo: adrop.cz