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Looking back at the Junktown Festival 2017

Post-apocalyptic Junktown Festival is the annual culmination of all events that enthusiasts prepare on the former rocket base near Bratronice. A lot of time has passed since the soldiers who protected our country served here. Now the abandoned bunkers are the place for concerts, lectures, workshops and films. Former barracks have transformed into the Junktown motel and provide visitors a modest background.

This year we grabbed a great deal and bought a part of the Tatra V3S military truck, which provided background to our HOPE Clan for all four days. In front of it, we introduced our thematic products – HOPE Cardgame, including two expansions, HOPE Mau Mau cards, HOPE Poker cards, badges and 3D models with HOPE Cardgame and Junktown theme.

In the bunker called the hole, we took an hourly presentation of our team, products, and future plans. There were also inquiries from the audience. HOPE Cardgame was introduced in the board game room Silver Paw every day, which has undergone a significant change since last year. Hats off to all the organizers, they did a lot of work and we look forward to another year!

You can see the best photos from this event in the gallery here.

 Junktown Festival 2017

Foto: hopestudio.cz