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Looking back at the Zimní Deskování Festival 2017

Deskoherní klub (Boardgame Club) is a group of enthusiasts of card and board games, who meet regularly in tearoom Mystica in Brno. This also includes several smaller festivals that are held at regular quarterly intervals. These events always attract large numbers of visitors, who can enjoy very well organized game meetings with a lot of modern and classic games.

In addition to the presentation of the HOPE Cardgame, Broken World expansion and HOPE Mau Mau cards, we organized a tournament with prizes for many interested players! All game rounds finally passed the best Alois Zapletal, who won the HOPE Cardagame T-shirt. Congratulations!

All photos from this festival you can see in gallery here.

 Zimní Deskování 2017

Foto: hopestudio.cz