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Looking back at the Gamecon festival 2017

Our studio has been on Gamecon for the fourth time, and this year's year was certainly not disappointing. Quite the contrary. Already on our Thursday arrival, the work of the organizers, who worked as well as the busy bees, performed everywhere. From registration through accommodation to preparation of gamming hall, everything went on briskly, smoothly and completely seamlessly. In the afternoon, even after lunch, a groups of visitors started to appear besides the exhibitors, and for the evening the hall was quite well filled. It was nothing against the traditional Friday and Saturday crush. The number of enthusiasts was so great that it began to play a lot in the mezzanine and other areas. Despite the lack of air conditioning, the mood for the event was still good, and a plethora of games to try kept all the visitors in the hall.

Part of the festival included various parties, concerts and other accompanying programs, including a full-festival game. This was focused on artificial intelligence this year, and it played with the idea of ​​whether its third and fourth grades were a dangerous threat or not. There also was program for those who are interested in wargamming, LARP or the fearless adventurers in the Dungeons and Dragons game. The amount of activities was really great, and everyone found something he really enjoyd.

At this year's event, we introduced the second HOPE Cardgame extension called Hidden Threat and Poker Cards in the design of our game. The 20 new cards included in the expansion have generated interest, and we have been able to see the results of our work in practice. Another novelty was the 3D printer, which visitors could see "in action", and eventually buy some plastic models we made. The interest in details of materials, printing techniques and various other specifications was surprising. But our main task was Jamie Gobliner's latest testing. We've taken a lot of valuable feedback, and we also believe that the latest edits will accelerate significantly, and the game will soon get into production.

In the end, we have to thank the organizers, visitors and other exhibitors for a friendly atmosphere and we are looking forward to the next year.

In our gallery, you can traditionally view some of the photos we have taken for the event.

 Gamecon festival 2017

Foto: hopestudio.cz