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Looking back at the Day of board games

The North Bohemian Museum is among the greatest museums of the Czech Republic, and since the late 19th century offers gorgeous interiors for the general public. People can always look forward to standing, but also a regularly changing exhibitions, concerts and accompanying events and more and more rich program. As a company from Liberec HOPE Studio, which stands behind the HOPE Cardgame, expansions and HOPE Mau Mau Cards, we could not afford to refuse the invitation to be a part of Spring holidays on the Day of board games!

A part of the Day of board games was presentation room, which we previously customized for playing of our games, but also for the presentation of our studio. Presentations were held at 11:00 and 15:00, on stage with using the projector. In addition to products from the post-apocalyptic family HOPE Cardgame, parents with children tried out games from Táňa Kousalová. We cooperation with her on a serie of games for the kids. Finally, we must not forget on the finishing party card game Jamie Gobliner which entertained everybody from beginning to end. All day we also presented products from our 3D printer and the museum showed exhibition of the history of card and board games.

The event exceeded our expectations and therefore we have agreed with the North Bohemian Museum the further action. Let us surprise you! All photos from the Spring holidays you can see in the gallery Day of Board Games in the North Bohemian Museum.

 Day of Board Games

Foto: hopestudio.cz