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Looking back at the Brnohraní Festival 2016

Spring Brnohraní, Deskobraní and Autumn Brnohraní, these are all events organized by Planeta her / Rex hry and we must say that all these actions are always very successful gaming encounters. This year's event once again took place in Luzanky Park where visitors had enough space for playing card and board games of all kinds! Another attraction of the festival were tasty meals or hot drinks from local cafe.

HOPE Studio Stand was constantly full of curious players and there were many combats and strategies between them. The culmination of our presentation was the tournament in HOPE Cardgame for valuable prizes. After all the duels won Vilém Kopuletý, who also attended the competition with his younger brother - congratulations!

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 Brnohraní 2016

Foto: hopestudio.cz