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Heroes fought their way into the magazine ABC!

February 14 newsagents began to sell the February issue of magazine ABC. There is nothing special, but in this issue you can see one page preview of the HOPE Cardgame! You will learn among other things that the struggle for life and death with the people lead robots, bloodthirsty aliens or infected mutants. The goal of all is to assume the most resources and win the final battle.

Created review has great importance for us and demonstrates that our games are interested among the players. Then we have a real feeling that our work makes sense, especially when the review ends with this sentence: "Board game with beautiful illustrations and a great potential."

More about the review can be found in the ABC magazine, no. 4 with a LEGO Batman on the cover or in the section About.

 HOPE Cardgame in ABC magazine

Foto: hopestudio.cz